DIY Storage Boxes For Free

I have endless clutter in my home lately, and have been procrastinating on doing anything with it. Partly because its a lot of work, and also because I need more storage containers, which can be expensive. I’ve seen cardboard boxes used for various things, and thought that DIY storage boxes could provide a cheap temporary solution until I purchase actual storage containers…or get rid of half the things I don’t use and I would hardly need storage! You can use any cardboard box you like but I happened to use a diaper box as there always seems to be one around my house.

DIY Storage Boxes


Materials Needed:
– Cardboard Box
– Wrapping Paper
– Tape
– Pen/Pencil
– Scissors



DIY Storage BoxesSTEP ONE:

Once you collect all your materials cut the flaps off the top of the box so that it’s a wide open top.




DIY Storage BoxesSTEP TWO:

Wrapping the box can be done either like a present using one large piece or you can cut a piece for each individual side. My box was too big to use one piece so I did a piece for each side. If you follow this method I would suggest putting one side of the box down on the paper and using it as a straight edge to run a pen down for easy cutting.






DIY Storage BoxesSTEP THREE:

Starting with the long sides tape the paper on so that it folds over the top and around each side. For the short sides I rolled pieces of tape and put them under the paper so that it appeared more seamless.



DIY Storage Boxes


Fill up the pretty storage box with your stuff and put it on the shelf to make your closet more beautiful!

2 thoughts on “DIY Storage Boxes For Free

  1. This is a great idea, I’m going to try this using the 3 pack boxes from Almond milk containers from Costco and cut out one end. Thinking they might be good for cling wrap type things or magazines etc.
    Thanks, Joanne

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