DIY Bathroom Light Fixture

Are you sick of looking at your plain, boring bathroom light fixture? I know I definitely was, especially when one of the glass shades broke and we didn’t get around to fixing it for months! I just couldn’t bring myself to spend money to replace something I didn’t even like. Finally I came across some gorgeous mason jar lights for sale but they were well over $100! I started thinking they couldn’t be that hard to make, and enlisted the help of my husband to turn them into a DIY project. This project can be a bit tricky with the wiring, please be careful and exercise caution.

DIY light fixture


Materials Needed

  • Mason Jars
  • Light bulbs
  • Sharpie/Pen
  • Spray Paint
  • Hammer & Nail or Drill



DIY light fixture


Step One

Make sure light switch is off, and remove your light fixture from the wall. Prepare it for paint by wiping off the dust with a damp cloth, and taping over any areas you don’t want getting paint on them. Next you can spray your light fixture and mason jar lids and rings.


DIY light fixture

Step Two

To determine the accurate size for the mason jar lid, you can use the inside ring of the current light fixture. Make sure you use the smaller side of it to trace onto the mason jar lid. As a side note if you noticed my lid isn’t painted it’s because I’m super impatient! I was excited to figure out how it worked, but it was really backwards and would’ve been easier to paint first!


DIY Light Fixture


Step Three

You can do this next step using either a drill, or a hammer and nail. It takes about the same amount of time, and you will have the same result. I would suggest choosing whichever you feel more comfortable with. Next you can drill or tap a nail, on the inside of the circle you drew to cut it out. Make sure the holes overlap so that the circle can be punched out after.




DIY bathroom light


Step Four

Once you finish making the holes, you need to remove that piece of the lid. We found the easiest way to do that is to lightly tap it out using a hammer. The metal is quite sharp, and super easy to cut yourself on, which we nearly did!


DIY light fixture


Step Five

Take your mason jar ring and lid together, and push them onto the socket of your light fixture.




DIY light fixture


Step Six

Now you can use the ring from your existing light fixture, and screw it back on the socket. Make sure it sits against the mason jar lid. Now you can attach your light fixture back to the wall!



DIY light fixtureStep Seven

Finally it’s time to screw in your light bulbs of choice, (I just used clear ones) and the mason jars and you are done. Now you can enjoy a beautiful new light fixture created by you without spending a fortune! My pictures totally don’t do this light justice it looks so much nicer in person!

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