How To Decorate On A Budget

Hello there! I thought I would share some tips with you for how to decorate when you’re on a budget. I have pretty much always been on a strict budget when it comes to decorating. There are many pieces I would love to have, but since I can’t, I like to live vicariously through photos of fabulous homes! Even though I can’t have my dream pieces, it doesn’t mean making a beautiful space isn’t possible. So let’s get to it, and give you some ideas!

How To Decorate Your Home

1. Family & Friends – I’ve gotten a number of items over the years from family and friends. This is mainly because I’ve let them know I’m working on decorating my home. I’ve found that people are often happy to help, and it gives them a reason to go through excess stuff they may have. A lot of times there’s nothing wrong with items, they are just bored of the decor and want to replace it. If the items you receive aren’t exactly to your taste try and figure out a way to upcycle them!

2. Second Hand – I used to be somewhat against buying anything used. I was always paranoid about where it came from, and if there were germs or something on it. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not a big deal Alysha, you can just clean it! Well I am happy to say that I have gotten past that, and now I’m quite willing to pick things up used. I think this is partly because of the second hand culture becoming so popular, and also I just give them a good cleaning before using.

If you’re wondering where you can find second hand items, there’s so many options now it’s crazy! My favourite way is online, rather than walking into an actual thrift store. I just find it’s so much easier to browse through so many different sites at once, instead of visiting a number of different stores. If you’re someone who loves thrift store shopping I totally applaud you, because you’re much less lazy then me! The online sites I tend to use are VarageSale, Usedeverywhere/Craigslist, and different Facebook groups.

3. Household Items – If you want to be creative and resourceful, you can make many things using household items. I have seen ideas on Pinterest where people use toilet paper rolls, food containers, and much more to create home decor. It’s amazing what you can make by using items you already have on hand!

4. DIY/Crafts – Well you can tell from my blog that I obviously like this option! The opportunities are endless for things you can make, and they will usually save you tons of money. I say usually save you money because some things don’t, so just be aware of the cost both ways prior to choosing your projects. A great example of a DIY that saves money is my DIY Mason Jar Lights.

5. Shop Sales – I absolutely love buying things on sale, in every aspect of my life. I get so excited to see how much I’m paying for it, compared to what it previously cost! A great time for sales is at the end of each season, because stores are trying to clear out stock so they generally offer large discounts. There’s lots of other times stores have sales and it can help to be on an email list so you get notified when deals happen!

6. Dollar Stores – It’s amazing what you can find at dollar stores! I didn’t even realize they had anything home decor related for the longest time. It wasn’t until I saw something at my mom’s that I loved, and she told me it was from the dollar store! I’ve found they can be hit and miss though. Some dollar stores are definitely better than others, but well worth trying!

I hope that helps give you some ideas to get decorating! If you have any other ideas that you find work well, I would love to hear them. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to pin if you enjoyed it!